Real Estate in Connecticut

The disclosure laws for the sale of residential property in the state of Connecticut are straightforward and required on all residential property sales. The state provides a 36-question form that sellers must fill out and provide to buyers before the closing of the transaction. Even though sellers are not legally obliged to provide the disclosure any earlier in the sales process, it has become custom in the state to have the disclosure form prepared prior to publicly listing the property. The state's form encourages sellers to go into detail on any defects in the property, but that type of detail is not legally required to make the form official.

As with residential property sale disclosures in other states, the seller is only obliged to reveal any defects they are aware of. The seller is not required to have an inspection done that would reveal hidden defects, but the buyer is encouraged to invest in an inspection to protect their pending investment.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agencies and Associations in Connecticut

Connecticut Association of Realtors
Address: Connecticut Association of Realtors
111 Founders Plaza
Suite 1101
East Hartford, CT 06108
Office Phone Number: (860) 290-6601
Web site:

Greater Hartford Association of Realtors
Address: Greater Hartford Association of Realtors
433 South Main Street
Suite 106
West Hartford, CT 06110
Office Phone Number: (860) 561-1800
Web site:

Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors
Address: Eastern Connecticut Association of Realtors
106 Route 32
Suite 4
North Franklin, CT 06254
Office Phone Number: (860) 892-2595
Web site:

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